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Frequently Asked Questions!

What does do?

This search empowers users to access information about individuals they know through various helpful search tools.

What details can I look up using your search?

Our search can provide information about an individual, including details such as address, educational and employment history, email addresses, criminal records, and other public records and made easily available for our users. However, we do not function as credit reporting agencies. Therefore, using these platforms for purposes regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is prohibited. This includes activities such as employment and tenant screening, credit or insurance eligibility decisions, and anything that would require FCRA compliance.

Will the person I search get notified when I access their background report?

No, our background searches are confidential, and generating a person's report will not prompt notifications or alert the person being looked up.

In what ways can I use this search?

You can run a quick check on someone you met online to see if they have criminal history before meeting them in person. You can also do a background search on all your potential dates, find out about friends that you have had no contact with for a long time and reconnect with them.

Can I look up someone's contact details?

Yes, our phone reports might include details such as phone number, home address, email address, and social media profiles they might have created. This will help you get in touch with them.

What is Public Record Finder?

Public Record Finders is a powerful search that helps you find information about individuals. With the help of this search, you can uncover someone's email addresses, social media profiles and also check their criminal and traffic records as necessary.

How to use Public Record Finder?

Reconnect with lost connections: With this search, you can look for schoolmates or childhood friends you've lost touch with. You can also rekindle old relationships and reconnect with estranged family members—close or distant. You can find their address or social media profiles and reach out whenever you're ready.

Prioritize safety while dating: Finding love can be exciting, but it's important to know if the person you just met is who they claim they really are. Make sure to put your safety first with our search tool. Run a quick background search on your potential connections to confirm the accuracy of their claims, and find relevant data you'd like.

Look up your online dates: Meeting people online can be fun. But before you take the leap and meet them in person, it would help to run a quick check on them to validate their identity. Look up their phone number to find their educational, employment history, and contact information.

Stay informed about those in your circle: Explore information about your friends, acquaintances, and family to enhance your sense of security within your own circle. Additionally, take a moment to research your nearby neighbors to assess the safety of your neighborhood and see if you can trust your family around them.

How to Perform a Public Record Finder Search?

Performing a people search using our tool isn't hard. Just follow these steps to initiate your search:

1. Fill in the first name, last name, and city and state associated with the person you want to look up. If you're uncertain about their current location, you can either enter the last city/state you remember for them or leave that section blank. While a full name is sufficient to begin your search, specifying a location will help refine your results.

2. Click the "Search" button.

3. Examine the results of your report and select the available report you wish to view.